For a fairly small beach town, Cabarete rivals Miami Beach with its incredible selection of eclectic restaurants and exciting nightlife. There are great cafes, restaurants specializing in Dominican fare, and gourmet restaurants featuring fresh fish and sushi. And when the sun goes down, Cabarete Beach really comes alive. Candle-lit tables, beach cabanas, and luxurious sofas dot the beach and beckon you to have a drink and mingle.


Cabarete has a fantastic selection of international restaurants offering casual to upscale beachfront dining. For nightlife, choose from places that have a mellow ambiance for a cocktail to unwind, or join people from all over the world dancing after dinner to DJ-spun beats. There are several eclectic restaurants just outside of Cabarete that also offer a truly unique dining experience. Reservations are required in advance so please consult with our Concierge Services to make arrangements.


There is a casino located on the east side of Cabarete, which offers slot machines, poker, blackjack, roulette, and cocktails served to your playing location. Please consult with our Concierge Services for more details on locations and hours.

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