Aqua Fit at Millennium Resort

By May 20, 2019News

Fun aquatic Cardio workout with less impact and more resistance. Lift your bootie, Tone your thighs & legs, burn fat and sculpt your abs & arms. We will get your beach body fit for the summer.

Aqua Fit Group Class

Aquafit is a total body workout that moves your body through functional ranges of motion that build core strength against multi-directional resistance, while minimizing joint stress and reducing risk of injury, in a comfortable environment that keeps you cool.

AquaFit Group Class with Blossom is a fun aquatic cardio workout with less impact and more resistance than other workouts. Will sculpt and tone your thighs & legs, abs, and arms while listening to pop music with a view of the ocean! Great for all levels and ages.

Group Classes are at Millennium Pool, Cabarete
Monday and Thursday from 10.30 am – 11.30 am

Contact Audrey Meyer about Personal Training sessions at the Millennium Resort Gym, and more details about AquaFit in our infinity pool with ocean view.